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The ultra-connected world in which we live, a sign of our advanced society, is not without danger. It has now been proven that intensive screen use has a negative impact on our health: sleep disorders, disrupted circadian rhythms, eye damage, and even accelerated skin aging (wrinkles, pigment spots, etc.). The blue light emitted (400 – 510 nm) by these artificial sources is the cause of these hazards. Blue light, in fact, causes oxidation and inflammation, but also disrupts essential physiological mechanisms, from DNA to photoreceptors (opsins). Overexposure to blue rays is now inevitable, owing to our dependence on digital devices (60% of individuals spend more than 6 hours a day in front of a digital device). Hence, this is perceived as a new form of indoor pollution, for which protective measures are absolutely essential.

Although sunscreens can offer a certain degree of protection against blue light, plant molecules, particularly carotenoids, have proven to be highly effective. Studies have thus demonstrated that lutein and beta-carotene are able to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of blue light, which was a source of inspiration for SOLABIA Group Research in skin protection.

    The SOLABIA Group Research team has specifically identified potent, but relatively under-exploited, carotenoids in red bell peppers, capsanthin and its esters, to combat blue light-induced aging.
    This discovery has led to the creation of BLUESHIELD®, an Eco-friendly active ingredient which acts as a shield against digital pollution, derived from sustainably produced French red bell peppers, from suppliers committed to environmental protection. Capsanthin and its esters have the unique advantage of combining an anti-blue light biological shield and an ‘anti-radical’ protection for a wide-ranging photoprotective action.

  • BLUESHIELD® comes within the scope of the new concept of skin biomimetism, it mimics the protective effect of red bell. The latter produces capsanthin to protect itself from negative effects of the sun and BLUESHIELD® reproduces this biological activity against blue light.
    BLUESHIELD® thus offers significant protection against the two major harmful effects of blue light: photo-oxidation and photoreceptor disruption. In practice, it protects cellular DNA and collagen against oxidation and degradation, and also protects opsins against stress. By preserving the skin’s vital functions associated with DNA, the extracellular matrix and phototransduction, a mechanism which controls factors such as pigmentation and circadian rhythms, BLUESHIELD® offers extensive preventive and curative anti-aging action.

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