Natural, vegan red pigment

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New Red 1805: Natural, vegan red pigment for make-up

New Red 1805 is a vegan compliant and COSMOS-approved, natural pigment designed for natural make-up formulas and especially for lipstick creators looking for high content of natural-origin ingredients, without compromising the performance on shade, intensity and stability.

Lips colour is the most forceful colour cosmetics sub-category across the regions, accounting for over 1 product launched out of 3 over the past 12 months. Among this category, vegan claim has been the fastest growth over the last five years.


New Red 1805 is a bright new natural pigment extracted from red radish (Raphanus sativus L.), harvested in China, in Yunnan province. Here it is largely cultivated by farmers organised in cooperative, through several years of partnerships ensuring complete traceability.

The roots of the red radish contain high levels of coloured secondary metabolites, named anthocyanins. This very large family of compounds is found in a lot of plants, and in several part of plants: leaves, fruits, flower and roots, offering different shades from light red to purple. The anthocyanins of the red radish are deep red at acid pH value, with high intensity and stability because of their acylated structure.

Targeted coloured compounds, anthocyanins, are obtained by a natural process. Extracted with water and purified with adsorption chromatography – ethanol release, these highly purified molecules are dried and stabilised on maltodextrin and clay for an easy-to-use application in different cosmetic formulas. The use of clay brings additional performance to the pigment, enhancing hue, chroma and increase the slip of the stick on the lips.

INCI: Anthocyanins, Citric Acid, Montmorillonite, Maltodextrin
Dosage: Up to 20%, depending on desired final intensity

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