B-Lightyl: The universal dark spots fader

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Pigmentation and dark spots

Dark spots (or ageing spots, brown spots, etc.) are one of the most important ageing concerns for consumers globally (68% rank it in their top 3 most important signs of ageing. They are the consequence of a biological process getting out of control: skin pigmentation, which results in an overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of our eyes, hair and skin.

The loss of control on the pigmentation process may have various causes: intrinsic ageing (resulting in senile lentigo), overexposure to UV (solar lentigo), inflammation process or wound healing (scars), amongst many others. Up to now, the only way to fight against hyperpigmented spots was to use whitening agents or exfoliating compounds, which are often aggressive for the skin, or result in a general impact of the skin tone, as they are not specifically acting on the spots.

A new biological pathway has recently been identified, explaining how a loss of communication between senescent fibroblasts and melanocytes is one of the main causes for the pigmentation disorders. A key protein (SDF-1) is indeed playing a crucial messenger role in our skin, but its production decreases drastically in senescent conditions. This was the key Givaudan Active Beauty scientist were looking for, to offer a new and exclusive ingredient, specifically targeting pigmentation spots, without impacting consumers natural skin tone.

From sun power to a powerful marine extract

A macroalgae (Himanthalia elongata), concentrating extraordinary active compounds, was identified in Givaudan’s Marine Biotechnology Centre of Excellence of Excellence in the pink granite Coast (Brittany, France). This brown algae, up to 2 meters long, growing close to the coast, is largely used in the food industry.

During its growth, this macroalgae uses the power of sunlight and capture CO2 to produce their key constituents. By doing so, they participate in lowering the atmospheric carbon released by industrial activities, making it one of the most sustainable resources to develop new cosmetic ingredients.
Himanthalia elongata produces many biomarkers of interest, such as polyphenols, and more specifically phlorotannins. These particular molecules have been identified during the screening for their ability to reactivate the expression of SDF-1, thus taking back the control of skin pigmentation. By enriching the extract in those molecules of interest, the scientists gave birth to B-Lightyl, the universal dark spots fader.

B-Lightyl – say goodbye to dark spots!

By re-establishing communication between fibroblasts and melanocytes (reactivating SDF-1 production in senescent skin conditions or over-exposure to UV), and thanks to its antioxidant properties, B-Lightyl enables to take back control on the skin pigmentation process, both I a preventive and curative way.
Three clinical tests, on nearly 100 volunteers, have highlighted that B-Lightyl significantly decreases the melanin content in dark spots, while reducing their number (up to 4 times better than placebo). Those studies were carried out on various skin ethnicities (Caucasian, Asian or African), demonstrating the universal efficacy of the ingredient. Thanks to its unique and innovative mode of action, combined to a proven clinical efficacy, B-Lightyl is the perfect natural ingredient to fight against dark spots and hyperpigmentation, no matter their cause.


INCI: Aqua, Glycerin, Ascorbid Acid, Himanthalia Elongata Extract
Dosage: 3%

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