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Thin lips and ‘barcode’ wrinkles

Thin lips are a common beauty concern at all ages as well as a sign of aging that comes with typical vertical lip lines, so called ‘barcode’ wrinkles. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported soft tissue fillers as second most performed minimally-invasive procedure in 2018. Statistics of 2018 vs 2017 indicates that surgical lip augmentation has increased by 4%, while soft tissue fillers have increased 2% for hyaluronic acid and 16% for lipofilling procedures.

Thin lips and ‘barcode’ wrinkles have several causes: genetics, aging, hormonal imbalance, bad habits, diseases and medications. Solutions are lip products containing irritating or hydrating ingredients (short-term, minutes), aesthetic surgery (mid-term, months to years) or lip implants (long-term, years)

Lip volume, lip contour definition and ‘barcode’ wrinkles visibility can be directly correlated with the presence of adipocytes, which is also the root of lipofilling aesthetic surgery. Therefore, Akott has developed Akosky Kiss, a powerful lipophilic active, which has the extraordinary ability to stimulate adipocytes differentiation and lipid accumulation so that lips appear plumper and ‘barcode’ wrinkles visibility is reduced.

Akosky Kiss

Akosky Kiss is a powerful lipophilic active with fresh organic Fenugreek sprouts, which promotes adipocytes differentiation and lipid accumulation that enhance lip volume and decrease lip contour fine lines visibility.
Fenugreek is a superfood with impressive reported health benefits: anti-inflammation, detoxification, heart health maintenance and stabilization of blood sugar levels. Sprouts are the start of the plant life cycle, therefor they are among the richest sources of secondary metabolites and a source of potent active molecules. Also, sprouts synthesize free radical scavenging, anti-oxidant and UV-light protecting molecules.
Akosky Kiss contains a large number of compounds that act in perfect synergy. In vitro testing shows modulation of proteins that stimulate the differentiation as well as the lipid accumulation within adipocytes. Clinical studies show increase lip volume and amelioration of vertical lip wrinkles visibility after 28 days.

INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Seed Extract
Dosage: 2%


  • Maximize lip volume
  • Minimize ‘barcode’ wrinkles visibility


  • Lip products and make-up
  • Products for plumper lips
  • Anti ‘barcode’ wrinkles products
  • Products for adipose tissue regeneration
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