NEOGLOW – French organic Kale extract to restore glow of dry and sensitive skin

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Healthy skin glow

Radiance is a universal beauty criterion today. Having a ‘healthy glow’, thanks to a fresh and glowing complexion, is a main beauty concern for women. Together with good health and vitality, radiance comes from the skin’s ability to reflect light. The capacity to reflect light depends on skin quality. A well-structured and hydrated epidermis, with a smooth and homogeneous surface, will reflect light like a mirror. The skin appears radiant and energized, as if its inner health radiates outwards.

Unfortunately, many internal and external factors can impair skin quality and therefor skin radiance. Dry and sensitive skin, suffering from a weakened barrier function, is particularly affected and can quickly become uneven. Environmental factors or stresses lead to poor skin regeneration. The epidermis is deeply damaged, resulting in surface in a rough skin that may be flaky. These irregularities disturb the reflection of light and the skin will turns dull.

Because exfoliation, mechanical or chemical, can irritate dry and sensitive skin, Solabia has focussed with Neoglow on the biological mechanisms of epidermal renewal.

Organic Kale

For Neoglow, Kale from organic farming, has sourced to reduce its products’ carbon footprint, promote short supply chains and support local farmers. Next to local farming, Kale is a low-energy crop that requires little water and is harvested by hand.
One of Kale’s properties is its high sulphur content. Sulphur is the third most common mineral in the body and is essential for skin beauty and radiance. It protects cells, supports the production of energy by mitochondria and has keratolytic properties.

Neoglow mode of action

With the properties from Kale, Neoglow acts on three levels to restore epidermis homeostasis and improve the radiance of dry, sensitive skin:

  1. It boosts the energy capacities of the skin to help it counter cellular damages from stress and maintain proteostasis
  2. It regenerates the epidermis structure by improving its cohesion and hydration, for skin that is better able to reflect light
  3. It gently stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation by boosting the biological desquamation process, for smoother and more radiant skin

INCI: Aqua, Propanediol, Brassica Oleracea Acephala Leaf Extract, Maltodextrin
Dosage: 3%

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